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आर्थिक आझादी चाहते है?

तो आप अपने लक्ष्यके बहुतही करीब है। जिन लोगोने आकर्षणके नियमके द्वारा पैसोको आकर्षित किया है वे लोग उसमें विश्वास करते है। उनका दिमाग उनकी इच्छाके अनुसार कार्य करता है और उन्हे सभी प्रकारके नकारात्मक विचारोसे दुर रखता है जो उन्हे अपने लक्ष्यसें दुर सकते है। वे लोग अपनी इच्छाको अपने मनमें बसा लेते है और यह जानते है की वे इसे पा लेंगे। यही एक तरीका है जो आकर्षणके नियमकी तरह कार्य करता है। आपके विचार, कार्य और आपके अंर्तमनको एकसाथ कार्य करनेके लिए आपको मजबुत करना होगा। इस प्रोग्रामकी सहायतासे आप सिखेंगेकी किसप्रकार आपका अंर्तमन आपके पुरे शरीर और आपके विचारोसे जुडा हुवा है। किसप्रकार आपके विचार आपकी पुरी जिंदगीपर प्रभाव डालता है, किसप्रकार आप अपने विचारोमें बदलाव ला सकते है, किसप्रकार आप अपने विचारोको फिरसे सुगठित कर सकते है और अपने जिंदगीको बदल सकते है। आप एक बीजसे ऐसे पेड बन सकते है जिसकी जडे धरतीमें खुब अंदरतक है और जिसे कोई नही गीरा सकता। आप जानेंगे की, हमारी सोच अदृष्य चुम्बकके समान है जो हमेशा हमारी मनचाही वस्तुको आकर्षित करती रहती है। इस दुनियाका हर एक व्यक्ती पैसोको आकर्षित करना चाहता है। हरएक का कोंई ना कोई ख्वाब होता है जिसे पुरा करनाके लिए उसे पैसोकी आवश्यकता होती है। यह संपुर्ण रूपसे हमारी सोच और विचारोपर निर्भर करता है की हमारी जिंदगी किस और जा रही है। अब आप अपने अंर्तमन और दिमागको इसप्रकार सुगठित करने जा रहे है, जो पैसोको, सफलताको और समृद्धीको आकर्षित कर सके। इसका मतलब यह है की, ना ही सिर्फ आपके विचार, आपका हावभाव और आपकी सोच आपको अपनी समृद्धीकी ओर ले जा रहे है बल्कि आपका अंर्तमन भी पैसोको आकर्षित करनेके प्रति केंद्रित है। आपके भितर एक ऐसी उर्जा उत्पन्न हो रही है, जो आपको आपकी पैसे आकर्षित करनेमें सहायता करेगी और आपको अपने लक्ष्यतक पहुचाएगी।

इस बारेमें डाॅ. संतोष परब कह रहे है……..

Without This…Any Practical Attraction Tricks, Tactics And Techniques You’ll Discover Even From Me Are Useless!

Money Magnet English
Money Magnet Hindi
Money Magnet Marathi

“Discover How You Can Summon A Gigantic Avalanche Of Money Almost Overnight By Just Programming Your Subconscious Mind About Money.”

If You’re Serious About Attracting More Money, Wealth And Prosperity, Then You Need To Read This Message

Dear Renegade Money Seeker,

What I have to reveal might make you feel a little uncomfortable. You might even be downright OFFENDED but keep reading.

Right now there are probably “mental blocks” about money and wealth accumulation that could be sabotaging you…right at this moment.

This could include thinking, fears and emotions that are blocking you from attracting more money and wealth in your life.

You see, 20% of success is indeed tactical…but 80% is psychological. It’s all about the quality of your psychology–what you think about most of the time that REALLY governs your success.

Listen:  If you have pre-existing fears and beliefs about money attraction…it’s like forever putting the brakes on your career. You’ll always be running uphill regarding your life success.

Here’s the truth:  If you don’t get the behaviors and mindset conducive to attracting more money and wealth into your life, you’ll always be severely HANDICAPPED regarding what you’ll be able to attract into your life.

Here’s the good news:  once you “get” the psychology and mindset of money attraction, your stress, struggle, anxiety, frustration and uncertainty will end forever.

You’ll be able to literally materialize money out of thin air…and a multitude of opportunities will come to you.

The influx of cash could be HUGE. You’ll experience a HUGE boost in how you’re able to influence others.

However, when you’re armed with the right tools and strategies and are forced to confront issues you typically never think about…the result is a HUGE game changer for yourself, your family and your legacy.

Best part:  You see, when it comes to attracting gobs and gobs and gobs of cash, on my terms, without compromise, I’m a world-class expert.

I started life without a nickel of inheritance or family financial wherewithal. And if I choose, I need not to work a single day for money.

This is a position of enormous independence. I call it the “income at will” position. It enables me to work when I want to…with whom I want to…without anybody’s permission.

I only work on projects that genuinely interest me…and only if they are in line with my lifestyle preferences.

You WANT The Overall Position That I’ve created For Myself: The Unmitigated Independence And “Income At Will” Position I Currently Enjoy Thanks To Being 20 Years In This Biz.

Money Magnet is the sum total of all my observations, listening, studies, experiences and use of “money magnet know-how” to date.

But, with what you’ll discover when you take action and claim your mind program of Money Magnet.

You Can Actually Program Your Subconscious Mind About Money And See A Direct Impact

Money Magnet English
Money Magnet Hindi
Money Magnet Marathi

This is as close to authentic magic as anybody can get. I get a kick out of waking people up to this…watching them materialize money out of thin air without any new “strategies” or “tactics”…

That’s why you need to take action today and claim your “Money Magnet” mind program.  

Why wait any length of time at all to discover opportunities that’ll make the pursuit of your goals easier and less stressful? Where you’ll actually replace “pursuit” with “attraction?”

It is observed that many people seem to hit a time in their lives when they achieve and acquire more in a single year than in a previous decade. They shift into hyper-money attraction mode.

Why is this? Because they stopped messing around and decided to get themselves in sync with their beliefs which is required and essentials for money attraction.

It’s REALLY fun to get into this “zone”…where money flows…heck FLOODS in.…what was once difficult becomes ridiculously easy.   

So How Much Is It Worth To You To Remove YEARS Of False Beliefs, Attitudes, And Personal Behaviors That Could Be Sabotaging Your Success?

Frankly, I should demand Rs. 50,000. But as a practical matter, I know only a small number of people will purchase because of this price. But this material is SO powerful…SO game changing that I HAVE to release it at a lower price.

When you take action right now, you’ll be able to claim your mind program “Money Magnet” for ONLY Rs. 1999.

If You Cannot Afford This Course, Then You Definitely NEED It. Desperately. Urgently.

There’s nothing the truly successful-minded cannot afford. If the price is going to present a hardship for you, then that’s more evidence you NEED this course.

It indicates there could be a belief or attitude that’s been holding you back from getting more money in your life.

P.S.  There are many major myths about money and success that could be shunting your attraction of it. Some of myths could be shunting you from future wealth accumulation and deliberately freeing yourself from them could lead to instantaneous, gigantic breakthroughs in financial success……and ignoring them could forever handicap you.

Don’t let this happen…take action right now and claim your mind program “Money Magnet” right now…while it’s still fresh on your mind.

P.P.S. Chances are, the words you’re using every day when talking to friends, co-workers, clients, customers, patients, your spouse, etc. etc. could be undermining your attempt at money accumulation without you knowing it.   

Words you use everyday have a HUGE effect on your subconscious…so you can either condition yourself for more money, wealth and prosperity by discovering the vocabulary and language of Money Magnet—or you can keep obstructing yourself from more money, wealth and success. The choice is yours…order now!

Money Magnet English
Money Magnet Hindi
Money Magnet Marathi

What Student say about Dr. Santosh Parab

What People say about Dr. Santosh Parab

“Santosh’s coaching style on Identifying goals and defining a vision for success is amazing.”
Olivia Williams
London, UK
“Thank you doc, now working toward financial independence.”
Samuel Harris
London, UK
“Awesome practice of Identifying limiting beliefs and treating on the spot.”
Maria García
Western Spain
“Dr Santosh Parab has mastery on creating professional and personal growth plans.”
Andrew Jones
Manchester, northwest England
“Great teaching for obtaining work/life balance.”
Alba Sánchez
Barcelona, Spain
“SANTOSH, you are modern yogi, my blessings to your MARG”
Swami Laxmandas
(Mouni Baba, Nagpurwale)
''You feel there is someone that is willing to try and help you, which for me is wonderful.''
Shirley Jex-Blake
Edinburgh, Scotland
''Great! I feel motivated in myself after meeting Dr Santosh Parab.''
Misaki Nakamura
Mount Fuji, Japan
''My mind coach helped direct me in the right direction, very friendly and a credit to Dr Santosh Parab. Thanks again!''.
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia