सचमुच आप केवल 6 दिनों में पूरी तरहसे संमोहन विद्या सिख सखते हो।

Hypnotherapy Practitioner is one of the fastest growing professions in the world, that’s why thousands of people join it every year. As a professionally trained and certified hypnosis practitioner, thousands of people are earning a high income. SO CAN YOU!

यदि आप एक सम्मोहन चिकित्सक बनने के बारे में सोच रहे हैं, चाहे पूर्णकालिक, अंशकालिक दूसरी आय के रूप में, या यहां तक कि एक पुरस्कृत शौक के रूप में, आप सही जगह पर हैं!

Our Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate covers all the bases. Whether you have a little knowledge, or even if you know nothing about hypnotherapy at all, this course will provide you with all that you need to begin seeing clients and working as a professional hypnotherapist.

This is one of the most comprehensive and practical hypnotherapy courses available in India today. When you complete training with us, you develop skills in understanding how to remedy various issues and how best to affect positive change in challenging situations with a variety of different subjects. You learn how to manage a hypnotherapy practice, how to market your business effectively and also to improve your general communication skills. These skills are particularly useful if your intended occupation is within the healthcare industry, but also provides a very advantageous foundation if you intend to progress onto further studies.

Become Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner 

Book today at just Rs. 7999/- (Rs. 19999/-)

Course Period – 6 days

Practice- 235 hrs

Many of our graduates go on to become professional self-employed hypnotherapists, others are employed by various institutions, or as professional hypnotherapists within their own chosen industry now’s also a good time to mention; If you are a student, current/ex-uniformed services, work for Indo Global Hypnosis Association, or are 60+ years old, you may be eligible to get 20% off the course fee.

Course Structure Teaching is provided in a supportive classroom environment. Each tuition day will include theoretical lectures, presentations and discussions, together with practical demonstrations, group activities and practice of techniques taught. The course handbooks will be supplemented by additional materials, according to the topics being covered. You can expect 6 days (approx 2 hrs 30 minutes) in online classroom, training days will be suitable as per our and your convenience as well as observing training over a duration of 8-9 months. In addition to ‘class’ time, students are also required to complete directed and self-directed study and assignments. Students are also advised to practice self-hypnosis daily and keep a reflective journal and coursework portfolio. Although personal study time varies from student to student, it can be a useful guide to allow at least 8 to 10 hours each week. Total tuition and study hours (including self-hypnosis work) are expected to be in the region of 250 hours.

Entry Requirements Experience : No previous experience of hypnosis or hypnotherapy is required. You will need a good understanding of written and spoken Hindi/English/Marathi and you must be medically fit to attend the course and as such, may be asked to sign a “fitness-to-practice declaration” (see below for medical contra-indications). You must be of good character, also be aware that you may be asked to apply for a Criminal Records Bureau check, particularly if you intend to work with children or vulnerable adults. Age You must have reached your 18th birthday prior to the exam date. You will also need to be sufficiently emotionally mature, to be able to work with clients and listen to a broad range of topics (including sexual problems, trauma, phobias, stress, chronic conditions and terminal illness). There is no “upper” age limit on this course – so if you’re a lively senior citizen, do feel free to sign up, people of all ages (18+) are welcome.

Benefits of Online Learning

Using Zoom for virtual hypnotherapy sessions couldn’t be easier. Once we’ve agreed a time for your session, you’ll just need a reliable internet connection and a quiet comfortable place to relax. I’ll send you a unique link for each session which is safe and secure and only you will have access to it. Zoom is very similar to Skype, just click your link and follow the instructions to join your session. You can use your laptop, tablet or phone to join your session.

1. Scheduling Flexibility

For many learners, the primary benefit of online learning involves scheduling flexibility. Our programs allow seekers to start a course immediately.

2. Lower Total Costs

Many prospective learners overlook the cost advantages of online classes. Although online learners may pay the same per-credit tuition rate, they do not pay for hostelling or meal plans. Learners also save time and money by eliminating travel.

3. More Comfortable Learning Environment

With the ability to study anywhere, online learners can complete coursework at home, a coffee shop, or a library. This advantage of online learning allows students to work in the environment that best suits them. Only you should focus on those that offer a reliable internet connection and few distractions.

5. Geographic Flexibility

Another advantage of online education that relates to flexibility involves prospective students’ geographic location. They do not incur moving expenses since they can study from any location. This flexibility also saves money, as the cost of living among different cities can vary greatly.