Is study troubling you? Do you have an exam phobia? Do you tend to forget everything you learned at the time of exams? Then this course will change the way you learn and make you topper in every exams.

Overcome the hurdle of Exams

When one enters into the competitive exam arena, one basic question asked by every aspirant is can I crack it?

From competitive exam point of view, one needs to master his mind because these exams test a candidate’s ability to grasp facts and understand concepts.

Mental preparation can be dissected and simplified to make it easy to answer every question asked by the paper-setter. To take on questions in competitive exams, you must rely on your mental strengths and combat skills.

This Mind Program is Success ladder

It will help you to..

Plan the preparation of the respective exam’s syllabus

Prioritise the topics as per your knowledge and grasp over them

Practice every topic consistently to keep it in your long-term memory

Recall every answer whenever needed

Discover the new techniques to prepare for exams through hypnosis by Dr. Santosh Parab. Register now and be the topper.

Mind program is available in English, Hindi, and Marathi choose your language for convenience while register

Welcome value: 7000/- only RS. 1999/-

One of a kind program designed by renowned Dr. Santosh Parab especially for Students to help them improve the academic performance with hypnosis.

Who can do attend this program?

– School students above the age of 10 yrs.

– College students.

-Students pursuing Professional Courses like Engineering, Doctorate, MBA etc.

– Students who are trying for competitive exams like MPSC, UPSC, CAT, CA etc.

WHATS IN THE Program for You

– Removal of Exam fear and anxiety.

– Concentration in study/class room.

– Improve Study habits.

– Memory retention.

– How to write exams easily.

– Accomplishing Goals and Results.

– Accelerated Studying.


What Student say about Dr. Santosh Parab

What People say about Dr. Santosh Parab

“Santosh’s coaching style on Identifying goals and defining a vision for success is amazing.”
Olivia Williams
London, UK
“Thank you doc, now working toward financial independence.”
Samuel Harris
London, UK
“Awesome practice of Identifying limiting beliefs and treating on the spot.”
Maria García
Western Spain
“Dr Santosh Parab has mastery on creating professional and personal growth plans.”
Andrew Jones
Manchester, northwest England
“Great teaching for obtaining work/life balance.”
Alba Sánchez
Barcelona, Spain
“SANTOSH, you are modern yogi, my blessings to your MARG”
Swami Laxmandas
(Mouni Baba, Nagpurwale)
''You feel there is someone that is willing to try and help you, which for me is wonderful.''
Shirley Jex-Blake
Edinburgh, Scotland
''Great! I feel motivated in myself after meeting Dr Santosh Parab.''
Misaki Nakamura
Mount Fuji, Japan
''My mind coach helped direct me in the right direction, very friendly and a credit to Dr Santosh Parab. Thanks again!''.
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia