Do you know our thoughts have the power to make us or break us?

Do you know that it can influence our life’s goals - be it wealth, health, power or happiness?

Will you believe that we miss our life goals 90% of the time because our brain is hard-wired to cherish negative thoughts?

Science attributes it to the normal free-flowing presence of Cortisol – the chemical element that spurs negative thoughts in our brain, compared to the ‘hard-to-secrete’ feel-good hormone – Dopamine.

No wonder why we become easily agitated, angry, depressed or lose control of ourselves, right?

How would life change if you could rewire your brain to produce more Dopamine and bring out positive results in life?

Imagine your productivity going up and you hitting money goals effortlessly?

Imagine being in your best health & able to do whatever you want?

Imagine being in total peace and happiness, whatever life throws at you?

Imagine creating your own Legacy from a normal life story?

Well then, we have great news for you.

After having helped 10000+ persons to break free from their limiting negative thoughts and achieve their life’s biggest goals effortlessly…

And having influenced over 1 million people with 116 thought-provoking videos on you tube…

Dr Santosh Parab - the renowned motivational speaker and the #1 Global expert and authority on hypnosis as well as India’s most trusted clinical hypnotherapy trainer and spiritual guide has designed a simple 3-Day live online program for you - where he will help you to attract whatever you want in your life you need to become your happiest self.

It’s just Rs.4999/-

Opportunity to discuss your personal problem and solutions with hi-tech psychologist Dr Santosh Parab

Dreams & Goal setting opportunity with renowned motivator speaker Dr Santosh Parab

Enjoy Hypnotic Trance to strengthen your subconscious mind and making productive it for Law of Attraction from Hypnotherapy Master Trainer Dr Santosh Parab

Sounds interesting?

Then, here’s what you will learn inside the 3-day “Chaho aur Pa Lo”


✅ Day 1- Understanding Mind Mechanism & self-hypnosis to utilize power of your subconscious mind for Law of Attraction. Enjoy Trance 


✅ Day 2 – How to eliminate negativity and establish cosmic powers within. Focusing concentration and accessing your subconscious mind. Learning Meditation.


✅ Day 3- Discover the powerful WHY & Blueprint for transforming your life story into a Life Legacy with self-hypnosis. Tools to transform relationships & Blueprint to reaching your aspirational goals + create a pathway for Ultimate Wealth & Happy Champion Skills. Enjoy Trance

It’s just Rs.4999/-

And a lot more too.

Till now, 10,000 + people from all walks of life and belief system have attended Dr Santosh Parab’s sessions, and they have found it helpful to:

✔Find balance and purpose in life

✔Transform relationships from chaos to love

✔ Find lasting happiness & peace of mind

✔ Understand how to address stress and reach top productivity

The list is endless…

Do you also want to to become a magnet to attract whatever you want and reach your highest health, wealth and happiness potential

Then, all you need to do is, click the Link of book now button below and enroll for our next session of 3-day चाहो और पा लो  program.

It’s just Rs.4999/- (Actual Value Rs. 25000/-)

So, What Would You Choose?

Keep on struggling for a lifetime and never realize your true powers?


Become the magnet who can attract anything with extraordinary mind power?

And reach your highest health, wealth & happiness potential without any struggle?

The choice is yours.

It’s just Rs.4999/-

What Student say about Dr. Santosh Parab

What People say about Dr. Santosh Parab

“Santosh’s coaching style on Identifying goals and defining a vision for success is amazing.”
Olivia Williams
London, UK
“Thank you doc, now working toward financial independence.”
Samuel Harris
London, UK
“Awesome practice of Identifying limiting beliefs and treating on the spot.”
Maria García
Western Spain
“Dr Santosh Parab has mastery on creating professional and personal growth plans.”
Andrew Jones
Manchester, northwest England
“Great teaching for obtaining work/life balance.”
Alba Sánchez
Barcelona, Spain
“SANTOSH, you are modern yogi, my blessings to your MARG”
Swami Laxmandas
(Mouni Baba, Nagpurwale)
''You feel there is someone that is willing to try and help you, which for me is wonderful.''
Shirley Jex-Blake
Edinburgh, Scotland
''Great! I feel motivated in myself after meeting Dr Santosh Parab.''
Misaki Nakamura
Mount Fuji, Japan
''My mind coach helped direct me in the right direction, very friendly and a credit to Dr Santosh Parab. Thanks again!''.
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia