Guidance, Consultation & Therapy around COVID-19

We have produced a package of resources to help you during this time of worry. It’s likely you are practicing the recommended social distancing and working from home where possible. This is a new way of living for all of us and during this turbulent time, we hope to not only share the relevant information and guidance, but uplifting content to help you look after yourself.  By the way of online and offline both as per your choice.

As a indivisual or a group of friends, coligue, corporate or work mate or a small students’ group, We can help you to feel calm and relaxed so that you feel more able to cope with the current situation. We also give you suggestions to improve your immune system and feel more capable and confident. Don’t worry about the charges, they may be nominal, just…..

“Build back better”

With the ever-increasing media coverage of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we know all too well the emotional, financial and physical impact this pandemic is having on both our members and our visitors. And so, we have gathered as much information and guidance as possible to help you navigate this time with minimal confusion, all the while looking after yourself.

Clients and new enquiries from group of people looking for therapeutic help for a wide range of presenting issues such as mild anxiety, suicidal thoughts or the devastating effects of drug or alcohol addiction. This last month the new enquiries from people reaching out us for Hypnotherapy sessions via phone and website.

According to the Government’s Office for National Statistics   more than two-thirds of adults report feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on their life. The most common issues affecting well being are worry about the future (63 per cent), feeling stressed or anxious (56 per cent) and feeling bored (49 per cent).

'Drivers' which worsen people's mental health especially during a pandemic.

These include:

– Social Isolation: loneliness, relationship breakdowns, and a shocking increase in domestic abuse.

– Job and financial loss: the stress of losing your job, or worry about money can lead to serious mental health issues.

– Housing insecurity and quality: the threat of losing your home due to lack of income, or your living conditions, both can be detrimental to your mental health.

– Reduced access to mental health services: many health services such as mine have seen an increase in people reaching out for help and support with their mental health, but with limited funding and availability some people may not receive the support they need, if ignored, some mental health issues can lead to serious life threatening emergencies.


– The loss of coping mechanisms: many people have found ways of improving their mental health that are now unavailable during the pandemic such as: gyms, yoga, massage, therapy, sports, and art or religious groups.

– Working in a front line service: people working in front line services are only human and being exposed to trauma on a daily basis can sometimes have current or delayed mental health implications.

"Why hypnotherapy?

More and more people are turning to ‘alternative’ or ‘holistic’ therapies to resolve their mental health issues such as hypnotherapy, as opposed to conventional medicine, as prescribed medication may have unknown side effects, in some cases it may become addictive, people want the long lasting lifetime effects of therapy rather than the short term fix of pills.

“Hypnotherapy uses psychotherapeutic theories and hypnosis to get to the deep rooted causes behind the presenting issues that are holding people back from living their happiest life. Some people confuse hypnotherapy with ‘stage hypnotism acts’ or brain washing with pocket watches! We do not have a pocket watch. We form a professional empathetic relationship with our clients and guide them using hypnosis and talking therapy on a therapeutic journey of real change and real results.

Dr Santosh Parab is also a tutor teaching future hypnotherapists on the ‘Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course