Ready to get started?

When you’re ready, feel free to get in touch to ask me a question or book a free initial consultancy so we can explore what you want to achieve and give you some advice without obligation. I’ll be able to answer your questions and help you understand how hypnotherapy works to get you the results you need to make great improvements to your life.

Feel free to book an initial consultancy or get in touch to ask for advice or ask questions, I will get you back on phone or Zoom video call with prior notice.

Why choose me?

When you’re ready to take the next step, we’ll use positive solution focused techniques and hypnotherapy to help you build your inner strength and confidence so you can move forward towards your goals. I’m passionate about doing more to help people just like you make the lasting changes to transform their lives.

Could I be the right therapist for you?

  • I am a professional clinical hypnotherapist

  • I am qualified with a Ph.D in Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

  • I am founder and president of Indo Global Hypnosis Association which is active all over India and Globe

  • My techniques are well researched, robust and based on the latest research from neuroscience

  • Sessions in my therapy room are always positive, solutions focused and respectful

  • I’m passionate about what I do and love seeing the positive transformation in my clients

  • I am recognized as the #1 Global expert and authority on hypnosis as well as India’s most trusted hypnotist. My hypnosis techniques are sought-after by world and business leaders, top athletes, celebrities and help hundreds of people daily to improve their lifestyles for the better